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Life On The Sideline - Jones

posted Feb 2, 2017, 4:25 PM by Maxwell Bao
Not your average young black man
In the Liberty High School Band.
You may know me for standing on the sideline.
I just really hate band.
It's just not fine.
It's as messed up as my un-edged hairline.
The band program don't even care for us.
Not even a little bit
They're a bunch of hypocrites.
Their morals are twisted.
Very inconsistent
They say that inconsistency causes stress.
But they're consistently inconsistent - what they do best
Setting us all for unsuccess
Life on the sideline was very hard.
Not very easy to stand with a bunch of retards.
I should've gotten a spot.
I always make my dots.
I should've marched - program screwed so I'm not.

Band is such a waste of time
To be on the sideline
Don't even get paid a dime
I'd paid six hundred; didn't sign up for this
Romo gets millions
I am so pissed! (Wow!)

Now I must deal with all these jokes.
People makin' off the field jokes. (Yeah)
Drivin' me insane, they all deserve to choke.
(I'm tired of being a joke.)
Some may think that I am a queer
I must tell you something that's been unclear.
I'd like to express myself, I'm an individual
I'm into 'viduality
It's in my reality
Part of my mentality
No time for people's brutality.
How can I get through people's thick heads?
You shall not define man . . .
For where he stands.

I know who I am. 
Get with the program.
I am very misunderstood
But it is all good
I'm a little esoteric
Not very generic
Don't you dare label me!
I can be who I wanna be.
One day you will see . . .
My life on the sideline
Doesn't define.

Why do they mess with me?
Why can't they let me be?
Stop using the sideline
To define.
I'm a prisoner of band
A prisoner of the sideline
Even a prisoner of my troubled mind.
Why does it have to be me?
Why not [REDACTED]

Now I have a confession
I deal with oppression
Band gives me depression.
My section makes me wanna jump . . .
Off the bus and kill myself.
(May not rhyme, but as Chance The Rapper would say, "The truth doesn't always rhyme. ")
Band's screwing with my sanity.
What's wrong with humanity?
Blacks have a 1 in 3 chance to go to jail.
But killing myself will send me straight to hell. (I'm already in hell - it's band. )
Deep inside my soul I knew I cannot give up.

So screw band!
Nobody gonna tell me where to stand.
Nobody can define who I am.
I set the tones.
I'm CrispyToneJones.
Nobody tells me what to do . . .
So screw you.

*Some lines were omitted to preserve the artist's well-being