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Eazy E - Cone Bugni

posted Feb 27, 2017, 12:31 PM by Maxwell Bao
He was a rapper, 
a businessman,
a jack of all trades.

His name was Easy E, and he died of AIDS.

So I thought a good tribute to my artist would be
To shed a little light on his deficiency.

It's contracted through blood,
or bodily fluids,
and he got it through sex,
cause that's how we do it.
But it wasn't so funny,
and it wasn't a joke,
when his nose got all runny
and he started to choke,
and spent the rest of his time
In a hospital bed -
He came in as a legend,
and came out of it dead.

But it shouldn't have happened,
and he could have been smarter,
and he could've checked with
every partner.
But he didn't.
And he had to tell his pregnant wife,
That his simple mistake
was gonna cost him his life.

H to the I to the V to the AIDS,
all the girls that he got
and all the money that he made

didn't matter.

Easy just wanted to cruise,
but now he's a reminder of 
what we all have to lose.

(The correct spelling is "Eazy," the misspellings were preserved for artistic genuinity.)